But to continue where we left off...

I'll tell you right now that news like this really isn't easy to hear.

My dog, my Pru, my best friend for 9 years has 6 months, maybe 1 year left to live, because that's how long life expectancy is with such an illness.

Lots of things went through my head, all the trips, all the walks, all the games, all the little things that under normal circumstances you can't appreciate because you just accept them and find them normal.

Luckily, Pru kind of had it the easiest, she didn't know it was happening and her life hadn't changed that much at that point, maybe she just didn't realize that all of us around her were so sad.

Since there is no such thing as mourning, we decided to fight.

We are adhering to prescribed corticosteroid therapy but we will also be using high daily doses of Apipet which would then be much less exposed and even less well known and our product

In addition, we will celebrate each new month of defeated disease as a birthday.

We were certain that this would defeat the 1 year diagnosis.

Pru has always been one of those dogs that has broken down stereotypes and prejudices against dangerous breeds. People who were afraid of Staffords or Pitbulls would change their minds if they met Pru.

We always knew she was special, and then she found a way to prove it to us all over again.

As time went by and the projections of 6 months to 1 year didn't seem realistic, Prue decided to beat those diagnoses and so the first year passed. Big birthday, big day, big win. Pru 1, tumor 0!

In the meantime, Prue got her roommate, a wildcat - Kru (cruella in Spanish - cruel), and like a real Stafford, she liked her immediately and was hit by her regularly.

As time went on, we entered a critical phase, or so we thought. Pru is still on standard therapy but even with large doses appetite and there are no major changes. She gained weight, but it was a small price to pay for time and happiness with her.

Not to make this blog a novel, it has been more than 2.5 years today since the diagnosis was made. Our vet Martina claims that Pru is a world record holder and that there is no dog that has lived longer with such a diagnosis.